Reading Bear: free phonics & vocabulary…learn to read for free! #homeschool


Reading Bear: free phonics & vocabulary…learn to read for free!.

 Reading Bear is a great free website for learning to read.

It’s 50 free video lessons based on phonics rules and phonograms. I’m a Spalding phonogram fan and while the phonics does not match up perfectly they are similar enough that we’re still getting great value from the lessons.

Some features I really like is the ability to turn on a video each word being pronounced. This is awesome for the ESL learner or the special needs learner. You can also turn on ‘breaks’ to give tired minds a wee rest too.

This is an excellent program for helping establish that each letter/phonogram represents a sound. Spelling should also be enhanced with usage too.

Please go and check it out!


Freebook Sifter – A Resource for Free eBooks

Oh, I know what I’m doing today when I catch some free time! I’m camping out at Freebook Sifter.

Freebook Sifter is a compilation site of, you guessed it, free ebooks. It has the books sifted into categories and subcategories, including breaking the Children’s eBooks category into age groups and other relevant subjects.

Another advantage is users have rated the ebooks as well. Be aware though that not all books listed are for young eyes!

Check out Freebook Sifter and see what interesting reads you can find. And don’t forget I have a list of ‘reputable ebooks sites’ too.

Freebook Sifter – A Resource for Free eBooks.

Evernote Peek for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Evernote Peek is a learning app designed for the new iPad 2 Smart Cover. It you have the original iPad or you don’t have the Smart Cover that’s okay too, there’s a virtual cover. Why the ‘peek’? It’s designed so that you peek to help prepare for a quiz or practice a language or for memorization.

For the app store here’s their description:

“First, choose something to study. Either pick a notebook from your Evernote account or select from the featured publishers.

If you have a Smart Cover, then peek under the cover to see the clue, lift the cover higher to see the answer. Close the cover and repeat.

If you don’t have a Smart Cover, then simply enable the Virtual Cover in Settings. Now, you can swipe and peek on any iPad.

Create your own study notebooks:

Adding your own study materials to Peek is easy, just connect Peek to your Evernote account. If you don’t have Evernote, get it for free on your iPad, desktop or mobile device.

In Evernote, either choose an existing notebook or make a new one to use with Peek. The note title will become the clue and the note body will become the answer. For best results, keep the clue to one sentence and the answer to around three sentences.

In Evernote Peek, tap the Add button to add your Evernote notebooks.

via Evernote Peek for iPad on the iTunes App Store.”

Be sure to have an Evernote account set up (free and I’ve extolled Evernote’s virture before here…wait! I haven’t! I can’t believe it…stay tuned for that then). If you find that Peek isn’t working for you than don’t forget Flashcards +, another free app for memorization.

How To Draw – iPhone/iPad free – perfect for a dreary day #homeschool

How To Draw is a free app that has 18 video tutorials on how to draw.


– How to draw faces
– How to draw graffiti
– How to draw cartoon characters
– How to shade and shadow with a pencil
– How to draw the human figure
– How to have fun drawing flowers
– How to draw street scenes
– Learn pencil drawing techniques and tips

You do need to have a wifi connection to use.

Check it out at the Apple app store.


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