Free online Geography game – very cool!

It uses Google Street View to ‘drop’ you into an unknown location and based on a variety of elements such as topography, plant life, climate, road signs, people, and other cultural elements you make a guess by dropping a ‘pin’ on a world map on where you think you are located.

You earn points based on the difference in kilometres between the actual location and your guess.

Strangely addictive and fun and even better, very educational.

take care!

Overlay historical photographs on Google Streetview #homeschool #edtech

Check out the WhatWasThere website to see old photographs of placesand buildings overlayed with their modern equivalents in Google Maps.

Free app for Common Core Standards guidelines #homeschool #edtech

Sometimes I get a little paranoid about where my kids are ‘at’ – tell me I’m not alone in that! Are they at grade level? Below? Above?

Here’s a handy little app that outlines the ‘Common Core Standards’ that a number of states have adopted.

So if you can’t sleep at night and you’re thinking the kids scissor-skills are not quite up to snuff, but you’re just not sure then you can have a quick look on your device and put your mind to rest.

Cover Art

Common Core Standards


Studying the Civil War? You’ll love this app. #homeschool

I must confess I have never tried this educational iPad app or studied the Civil War (beyond reading Gone With The Wind -> I am Canadian, eh?). But I suspect that I will be doing both soon. 🙂

This is the featured app of the week at the app store and seems to be a perfect example of the value of teaching with the iPad. With this app you sign up for 4 years of daily emails that precisely mirror what was happening 150 years ago. I’ve included the text from the Apple store so you can see exactly what this app offers – think actual documents and first person history with daily reinforcement.

At $7.99 it’s less than the price of a paperback and definitely more interactive and engaging. If you try it, be sure and let me know how you use it.

The Civil War Today for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

150 years after the start of the American Civil War, HISTORY presents The Civil War Today, a ground-breaking app created by Bottle Rocket Apps exclusively for the iPad. Experience the war as it unfolded, one day at a time, with daily updates that let you live the events in “real-time” over the course of four years.

The Civil War Today leverages the iPad multi-touch interface to enable app users to feel and explore thousands of original documents, photos, maps, diary entries, quotes, and newspaper broadsheets like never before.

The Civil War Today includes:
• Daily Civil War updates from April 12, 2011 through April 26, 2015. The app content updates ONE DAY AT A TIME, precisely mirroring the events of 150 years ago
• “In the Headlines” featuring newspapers from every day of the war.
• Running tallies of the North and South casualty counts.
• “A Day in the Life” with personal letters and diary entries from 15 individuals including Abraham Lincoln, Horatio Nelson Taft, and Mary Boykin Miller Chesnut.
• Photo of the day and photo galleries.
• Quote of the day.
• Articles and video on featured topics.
• Authentic period maps from key battlegrounds.
• Daily North-South quiz.
• Detailed background scenes that put you in the time and place of the Civil War. (Northern city, Southern plantation, Western frontier town, military camp).
• Twitter integration to send a telegram via morse code.
• GameCenter integration to earn Civil War era appropriate achievements – and display them in a virtual medals case.
• Airplay integration for viewing of app video via Apple TV.
• Advanced multi-finger gesture functionality and custom toolbar for deep navigation.

Free for Earth Day – iPhone app for Yosemite Tracks, Trees and Wildflowers #homeschool

Better be fast! It’s free for Earth Day only.

Head over to the Apple App Store and grab Yosemite Tracks, Trees and Wildflowers. It’s an on-the-go field guide to help you identify tracks, scat and signs left by more than 30 animals that inhabit Yosemite Park. It also includes identification guides for native trees and over 220 wildflowers.

And I just noticed…if you scroll down to where the app developer has their other apps listed you’ll find out nature apps for free today. Thank you Earth Day! 🙂

Here’s the other apps:
MyNature Tree Guide – for tree identification
MyNature Animal Tracks
MyNature State Tree Quiz
MyNature Sequoia Tracks, Trees and Wildflowers – specifically for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park.
MyNature Mammal Tracks – for North American animals.

Sure beats lugging around ‘Handbook of Nature Study’ for our outdoor romps!

Yosemite Tracks, Trees & Wildflowers for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store.

Borrow Kindle ebooks from your library? coming soon! #homeschool

Amazon announced today that they will make Kindle books available for borrowing through libraries later this year.

It looks like they will be working with Overdrive Media and the ebooks will work with all versions on the Kindle and Kindle apps (yay!!).

One of the nice features is that with Amazon’s WhisperNet technology users will be able to make notations and bookmarks that will remain with the borrowed ebook should a user check out the book again. How handy will that be for schooling multiple children? You’ll be able to keep notes, reading schedule, etc for subsequent children without having to think about storage.

One think to keep in mind is that there will be limited copies of ebooks available for check-out. For popular titles still expected long waiting lists.

Technology News: E-Readers: Amazon Kindles Enthusiasm of Library Crowd.

Enjoying Free Videos from The Happy Scientist #homeschool

After having a rather long night (our first tornado siren warning!) we’re relaxing this morning with some free science videos from The Happy Scientist.

If Charlotte Mason were around she would love Robert Krampf – he’s enthusiasm, knowledge and love of science is contagious!
When you get a chance, check out his videos

Free Stuff | The Happy Scientist.

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