Is it worth an Audible subscription? #homeschool

Audible – Is it worth it?

As a frugal homeschooler I’m always asking myself if something is truly worth the money. One question that was recently raised was is it worth the expense of having an Audible subscription?

Personally, I did subscribe to Audible when they offered a sign-up promotion…I believe it was 2 free ‘credits’ and then the regular monthly fee.  I chose the subscription option of receiving 1 credit a month. At the time Audible was exactly what I needed. We were taking some very long road trips back and forth to family and I needed ‘non-schoolish’ audio books to occupy both myself and my children. I was motivated since they had a number of books not available on Librivox, including the Ted Bell childrens book series, Nick Of Time and also books of interest just for me. In most cases, especially factoring in the 2 free credits it was very worthwhile.

I’ve since cancelled my membership now that we’re not making the long trips as often. I also found that a number of the audio books I desired were cheaper than the monthly subscription fee. So it made more sense for me to purchase these without the credits. As an aside, when I went to unsubscribe they asked why…I selected it was the financial aspect. Audible then offered to add $20 to my account if I would remain a member, to which I did. I have since unsubscribed but I feel I did get great value for the money and I would subscribe again if and when my needs change.

That being said there are other places to get free audio books beyond Librivox.
The main source is the library.

Check out your library’s website. They may have an arrangement with Overdrive Media Console for their audiobooks and NetLibrary also offers similar. You can download these directly to your computer or your mp3 player depending on the site without ever having to step foot in the library. And of course, libraries also usually have cd audiobooks you can add to your computer and then transfer to your mp3 players.

Hope that helps and happy listening!

Discounted audio books make me so happy! #homeschool

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE audio books. Have I mentioned I love audio books? Love, love, love. I love downloading them for free from my library, I love getting them from if the library doesn’t have them and I love get CD’s for my ancient car from I love listening to them on my iPod, I love listening to them on my iPad. I love listening to them while driving and I love listening to them while soaking in the tub. Mmmm, tub.

Turns out is having an additional 50% off sale of their audio books. It appears they are all CD-based so those of you driving your Grandpa’s cherry Valient will have to figure out a way to rig up your Walkman to the HiFi.

Check it out and see if you can snag some good ones. Let us know what you find.

The link in this post is my referral link.

Freebie of the Day » The Cinnamon Bear! radio show

Freebie of the Day » The Cinnamon Bear! radio show

Originally played on-air in 1937 this old radio series has been a favourite Christmas tradition in our household since the kids were wee tiny folk. Be sure and download the whole series – pop them into iTunes and put them on your iPod, iPad, iPhone for listening while driving around looking at the Christmas lights. Or burn them onto CDs for playing in the car.

Another homeschool idea is to download and print off the accompanying colouring book and colour while listening to the stories. Maybe make it part of your advent tradition.

Take care!

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