Reading Bear: free phonics & vocabulary…learn to read for free! #homeschool


Reading Bear: free phonics & vocabulary…learn to read for free!.

 Reading Bear is a great free website for learning to read.

It’s 50 free video lessons based on phonics rules and phonograms. I’m a Spalding phonogram fan and while the phonics does not match up perfectly they are similar enough that we’re still getting great value from the lessons.

Some features I really like is the ability to turn on a video each word being pronounced. This is awesome for the ESL learner or the special needs learner. You can also turn on ‘breaks’ to give tired minds a wee rest too.

This is an excellent program for helping establish that each letter/phonogram represents a sound. Spelling should also be enhanced with usage too.

Please go and check it out!

Prepare for learning to read with free ipad games #homeschool #edtech #specialneeds

Games that help kids with visual processing are great ways to prepare them for reading. And if your child has vision issues, games are a good way to compliment his/her vision therapy.

Simply Find is a free ipad app that is definitely challenging! It’s a find-the-difference game that uses real photographs, not cartoons. Games such as this one, should give your child’s eyes a good workout.

I’ll put in a new Category in the side menu (Special Needs) where I’ll add more apps as I find them.

Simply Find It for iPad on the iTunes App Store.

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