Kids Need Us More Than Friends – Gordon Neufeld talk #homeschool

Let’s be honest – when I’m on the treadmill I need something to watch or read to completely distract me otherwise I’m will flit off and do something less useful.

I also figure that while I’m ‘captive’ I should probably grow my brain as well as my leg muscles. So I was quite happy when a fellow homeschooler recommended this live talk of Gordon Neufeld, a development psychologist, talk about why our children need us more than they need their friends (peers).

It’s worth the time investment to hear about how we can fortify our children’s resilience. Great stuff.

It’s on TVO Parent’s website but may be accessible from other websites.

Kids Need Us More Than Friends

Freebook Sifter – A Resource for Free eBooks

Oh, I know what I’m doing today when I catch some free time! I’m camping out at Freebook Sifter.

Freebook Sifter is a compilation site of, you guessed it, free ebooks. It has the books sifted into categories and subcategories, including breaking the Children’s eBooks category into age groups and other relevant subjects.

Another advantage is users have rated the ebooks as well. Be aware though that not all books listed are for young eyes!

Check out Freebook Sifter and see what interesting reads you can find. And don’t forget I have a list of ‘reputable ebooks sites’ too.

Freebook Sifter – A Resource for Free eBooks.

Christmas Letter of the Future – Goal Setting

Here’s an interesting post about goal setting – Instead of writing a traditional end-of-year family newsletter to be included in the christmas cards, write next years letter too. Include your monthly summary of what you expect to happen. Write several years letters in advance.

The author suggests including your letter as a task (or calendar event) that is set to pop up and remind you of your letter every month on your mobile device. I look forward to trying this!

Online Family Organizer – FlyLady Families Get Cozi | Cozi

Online Family Organizer – FlyLady Families Get Cozi | Cozi and Cozi have teamed up to help the housework-challenged become a little more organized.

You can sign up for free at and over the next while Flylady will be rolling out her trademark reminders and ‘flywashing’ emails to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Cozi is also available for the iPhone, iPodTouch (and iPad) at the Apple App store for 1.99 to have your Cozi on the road.

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