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Is it worth an Audible subscription? #homeschool

Audible – Is it worth it?

As a frugal homeschooler I’m always asking myself if something is truly worth the money. One question that was recently raised was is it worth the expense of having an Audible subscription?

Personally, I did subscribe to Audible when they offered a sign-up promotion…I believe it was 2 free ‘credits’ and then the regular monthly fee.  I chose the subscription option of receiving 1 credit a month. At the time Audible was exactly what I needed. We were taking some very long road trips back and forth to family and I needed ‘non-schoolish’ audio books to occupy both myself and my children. I was motivated since they had a number of books not available on Librivox, including the Ted Bell childrens book series, Nick Of Time and also books of interest just for me. In most cases, especially factoring in the 2 free credits it was very worthwhile.

I’ve since cancelled my membership now that we’re not making the long trips as often. I also found that a number of the audio books I desired were cheaper than the monthly subscription fee. So it made more sense for me to purchase these without the credits. As an aside, when I went to unsubscribe they asked why…I selected it was the financial aspect. Audible then offered to add $20 to my account if I would remain a member, to which I did. I have since unsubscribed but I feel I did get great value for the money and I would subscribe again if and when my needs change.

That being said there are other places to get free audio books beyond Librivox.
The main source is the library.

Check out your library’s website. They may have an arrangement with Overdrive Media Console for their audiobooks and NetLibrary also offers similar. You can download these directly to your computer or your mp3 player depending on the site without ever having to step foot in the library. And of course, libraries also usually have cd audiobooks you can add to your computer and then transfer to your mp3 players.

Hope that helps and happy listening!

The 40 Coolest iPad Apps for Homeschoolers | Accredited Online Colleges.com #homeschool

The 40 Coolest iPad Apps for Homeschoolers | Accredited Online Colleges.com.

I was just checking out this blog post and I recognize a lot of the apps from my own iPad.

Take a look and see if you find some new apps or other apps you can use in new ways.

Make: Online : LED Dice kit

Make: Online : LED Dice kit

How is it that when you’re playing a board game with a child that it’s absolutely impossible for them to ‘toss’ the dice and still keep it on the table?

Here’s a handy little digital dice kits that you and your child can put together that never needs to be tossed. With a tap a random number between 1 and 6 is generated and the corresponding LEDs light up.

Fun little project with a Very Worthwhile product in the end


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