12 Dozen Places to Education Yourself On-line for Free from Marc and Angel Hack Life #homeschool

A fellow homeschooler posted about this list on our local homeschooling list and I’ve very grateful!

Be sure a check out the blog post from Marc and Angel Hack Life for 12 Dozen Places to Educate Yourself On-line. Yes, that’s 144 places divided into categories ranging from Science and Health, Business and Money, to English and Foreign Languages. Very impressive.



Long car rides ahead? Need audio books? #homeschool

Long car rides ahead? Need audio books?

Today we’re welcoming a guest post from Greta Kvinnsland!

For those long rides in the car this summer or for those who need to listen
instead of use print media, try Librivox Recordings at www.Librivox.org.

Librivox is the result of something called The Gutenberg Project where there are currently over 4000 books available in digital print or audio, for free download.

Kids today might think that older titles aren’t interesting but there are so
many classics here that really are great stories and they have titles for all ages.

You can download a zip file of the entire audio book to your computer and then to
any MP3 player, or burn to CD. The files are available in several formats (I use MP3)
or they’ve also done something quite high tech – you can subscribe to books
as daily podcasts via iTunes and they come to you a few chapters at a time
and they download via iTunes every day on podcast. Search for Librivox inside the iTunes store.

In addition, if you have an Apple product you can download a free audio
reader from the iTunes Store and then get the books – search on Librivox.
On the iPad you can go through a catalog and it downloads the books directly
to your iPad and the reader reads the audio book to you – probably the same for
other Apple products.

The readers are a mix of synthetic voices, and real people reading and I’ve
found some voices I like better than others. With 4000 titles to choose from if I don’t like it I move on. Sometimes I get a British person reading who pronounces words differently and my child doesn’t understand. Some books like Sherlock Holmes, Charles Dickens novels, Anne of Green Gables, the Bible, have multiple versions and readers to choose from.

There are language courses and books available in, I think, 17 languages
from Latvian to Latin and Hebrew.

If you have a regular computer, then you can download to your computer and use the speakers to listen, or for about $65 you can get a bluetooth headset on Amazon to be wireless or for the same $65 or less you can get any number of MP3 players. Sorry if I’m talking down to anyone but I find that a lot of us parents haven’t had the time to figure out all these options.

Thanks Greta for sharing info on Librivox. It’s a very valuable resource for us homeschooling moms.

My dirty little secret… #homeschool #charlottemason

Okay, it’s out. I have a dirty little secret. I love technology AND I’m a Charlotte Mason homeschooler.

I know, I know. Some people may think that you can’t pitch your tent in both camps. How can you be a follower of an educational philosophy from the turn of the last century that embodies the essence of delicious living books while advocating the use of, dare I say it…screens…??!?!

Well, any modern day follower of Miss Mason knows that it’s the perfect philosophy for technophiles for a number of reasons. The most obvious being the proliferation of ebooks.

If there’s one thing that stands out amongst Charlotte Mason types, it’s our love of quality books. Good, well-written, ‘living’ books where the author embraces the passion of their chosen subject and passes it along to the reader. Thankfully, an extraordinary number of quality books are now available as ebooks for free or fairly inexpensively. Check out my previous post where I list reputable free ebook sites. You can’t beat the ability to store and read thousands of books on devices as small as an iPod Touch or a Kindle or an iPad and have them accessible when you need them instead of sitting, hidden behind another book, somewhere on a shelf.

Charlotte Mason also advocated short, focused lessons. And nothing draws a child’s attention like a ‘gadget’. Technology can help a distracted child focus those precious minutes on learning while still satisfying their curiosity. I’ve found that it takes twice as long to drill math facts by ‘hand’ (flashcards) than if I had my child drill with a website. And well-designed sites and apps also chart progress and other interesting stats. Check out Math-u-See’s drill page for distraction-free practice.

Foremost, Miss Mason’s philosophy encompasses education as being an ‘environment’, a ‘discipline’, a ‘life’. I think that by providing your children with an environment that incorporates technology instead of fearing it, the precedent is set for your child’s success in the future.

New approach to education uses social networking #edtech

New approach to education uses social networking | KurzweilAI.

6 Reasons Why Your Homeschool Needs an iPad;

Sure there’s lots of reasons why your homeschool doesn’t NEED an iPad, like yes, it’s not a cheap device and you already own a computer. But once you have an iPad, you’ll quickly realize how important it becomes to your educational life. Take a look at:

  • Lots of FREE educational games available. Go to the app store and you will find an amazing array of free educational apps for kids and productivity apps for yourself. If you don’t like a free app, delete it and try the next free one. Even if you love an app so much that you want to buy it, they’re still usually very inexpensive – most run less than $5, some of the flashier, graphic-intense apps can be around $15. That’s still less than the cost of one space-hogging, hard-covered book. 😉
  • Music. Visit iTunes on your iPad and you can search for and purchase a myriad of music, including the classical choices your curriculum may call for. And the music is with you anywhere and everywhere you take your iPad – car, park, doctor office, bleacher (bring your headphones!).
  • Books – Audio books, and ebooks (pdf, Kindle, ibook, other book apps and formats.) The iPad is your ultimate, clutter-free bookshelf – download the free apps for reading Kindle books, Apple’s ibook or Stanza and you can take your literature with you anywhere. Many ‘classic’ books are downloadable for free (wirelessly) from Amazon and Apple. Also most ebook readers are able to read pdf ebooks from such free sites as Gutenberg or Net Library.  You can download audio books wirelessly from a number of vendors as long as you have a wifi connection too.
  • Video, Youtube and Netflix – Having a rough day trying to hit the books? Take a break and do your learning through video. YouTube offers a huge selection of educational videos – have you been to Khan Academy yet? Amazing. Or Steve Spangler’s science demonstrations? Or Lypur’s Piano Lessons and Music Theory? Add don’t forget Netflix, an inexpensive option to replace your cable tv. Netflix offers great series such as Liberty Kids and lots of documentary and educational programs.
  • Web browsing – need I say more? So handy to have a portable web browser just when you need it.
  • It’s a one-handed device – it’s the ultimate reason why your homeschool needs an iPad. It’s a device that can easily be passed around and shared, or cuddled up around. It’s changeable for every need – print size can be easily expanded for those with vision issues. And don’t forget, it’s handy and will change the way you do school for the better!

What Do Kids Say Is The Biggest Obstacle To Technology At School?

What Do Kids Say Is The Biggest Obstacle To Technology At School?.

Includes some nice looking graphs too.

» Pen to help children with learning disorders designed – Vanguard (Nigeria)

» Pen to help children with learning disorders designed – Vanguard (Nigeria)

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