Free online Geography game – very cool!

It uses Google Street View to ‘drop’ you into an unknown location and based on a variety of elements such as topography, plant life, climate, road signs, people, and other cultural elements you make a guess by dropping a ‘pin’ on a world map on where you think you are located.

You earn points based on the difference in kilometres between the actual location and your guess.

Strangely addictive and fun and even better, very educational.

take care!

Google Trek (with Streetview) through amazing places!

We’ve been spending a few rainy hours walking through the Galapagos and are itching to get to some of the other Google Trek sites, like the Eiffel Tower, Mt. Fuji, Iqaluit, Kennedy Space Center, Mt. Everest, Burj Khalifa, Grand Canyon and the Amazon Basin.

There’s also behind the scenes footage, underwater ‘streetview’ and additional photos.

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