Did you know YouTube has a Teacher channel w/tips? #homeschool #edtech



Teachers Channel – YouTube.



How To Draw – iPhone/iPad free – perfect for a dreary day #homeschool

How To Draw is a free app that has 18 video tutorials on how to draw.


– How to draw faces
– How to draw graffiti
– How to draw cartoon characters
– How to shade and shadow with a pencil
– How to draw the human figure
– How to have fun drawing flowers
– How to draw street scenes
– Learn pencil drawing techniques and tips

You do need to have a wifi connection to use.

Check it out at the Apple app store.


Playin’ with the 3D Brain – free app for iPad and iPhone #homeschool

I’m very grateful for apps like this… it’s nice to be able to rotate and zoom and play with a structure without actually having to hold it in your hands. I’m also grateful it’s FREE!  So if you’re interested pick up your 3D Brain app at the Apple app store.


App Store – 3D Brain.

Make your own Flashcards for iPhone/iPad #homeschool


Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a serious index card addiction. And I especially love to have flashcards. I think they’re an amazing way to reinforce learning.

Well, I’ve now found a free digital version at the Apple app store. It’s a aptly named Flashcard. It also integrated with Quizlet, so you can use flashcard decks others have set up or if you’ve already been using Quizlet you can continue to use your decks.

Check it out here – App Store – Flashcards.

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