Free for Earth Day – iPhone app for Yosemite Tracks, Trees and Wildflowers #homeschool

Better be fast! It’s free for Earth Day only.

Head over to the Apple App Store and grab Yosemite Tracks, Trees and Wildflowers. It’s an on-the-go field guide to help you identify tracks, scat and signs left by more than 30 animals that inhabit Yosemite Park. It also includes identification guides for native trees and over 220 wildflowers.

And I just noticed…if you scroll down to where the app developer has their other apps listed you’ll find out nature apps for free today. Thank you Earth Day! 🙂

Here’s the other apps:
MyNature Tree Guide – for tree identification
MyNature Animal Tracks
MyNature State Tree Quiz
MyNature Sequoia Tracks, Trees and Wildflowers – specifically for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park.
MyNature Mammal Tracks – for North American animals.

Sure beats lugging around ‘Handbook of Nature Study’ for our outdoor romps!

Yosemite Tracks, Trees & Wildflowers for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store.


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