6 Reasons Why Your Homeschool Needs an iPad;

Sure there’s lots of reasons why your homeschool doesn’t NEED an iPad, like yes, it’s not a cheap device and you already own a computer. But once you have an iPad, you’ll quickly realize how important it becomes to your educational life. Take a look at:

  • Lots of FREE educational games available. Go to the app store and you will find an amazing array of free educational apps for kids and productivity apps for yourself. If you don’t like a free app, delete it and try the next free one. Even if you love an app so much that you want to buy it, they’re still usually very inexpensive – most run less than $5, some of the flashier, graphic-intense apps can be around $15. That’s still less than the cost of one space-hogging, hard-covered book. 😉
  • Music. Visit iTunes on your iPad and you can search for and purchase a myriad of music, including the classical choices your curriculum may call for. And the music is with you anywhere and everywhere you take your iPad – car, park, doctor office, bleacher (bring your headphones!).
  • Books – Audio books, and ebooks (pdf, Kindle, ibook, other book apps and formats.) The iPad is your ultimate, clutter-free bookshelf – download the free apps for reading Kindle books, Apple’s ibook or Stanza and you can take your literature with you anywhere. Many ‘classic’ books are downloadable for free (wirelessly) from Amazon and Apple. Also most ebook readers are able to read pdf ebooks from such free sites as Gutenberg or Net Library.  You can download audio books wirelessly from a number of vendors as long as you have a wifi connection too.
  • Video, Youtube and Netflix – Having a rough day trying to hit the books? Take a break and do your learning through video. YouTube offers a huge selection of educational videos – have you been to Khan Academy yet? Amazing. Or Steve Spangler’s science demonstrations? Or Lypur’s Piano Lessons and Music Theory? Add don’t forget Netflix, an inexpensive option to replace your cable tv. Netflix offers great series such as Liberty Kids and lots of documentary and educational programs.
  • Web browsing – need I say more? So handy to have a portable web browser just when you need it.
  • It’s a one-handed device – it’s the ultimate reason why your homeschool needs an iPad. It’s a device that can easily be passed around and shared, or cuddled up around. It’s changeable for every need – print size can be easily expanded for those with vision issues. And don’t forget, it’s handy and will change the way you do school for the better!


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