Time4Learning – $4.99 (April only).

Now is a good time to sign up for Time4Learning if you’ve been thinking about it. For the month of April you can try it for a full month for $4.99 per child. After the month it will revert to the full membership monthly cost but it’s a great way to see if it’s a good fit for your family.

If you’re not familiar with Time4Learning it’s an online ‘school’ of sorts that offers a full range of subjects for students from preK-8. They also offer printable worksheets for extra reinforcement.

Who Would Use It?

I’ve found that Time4Learning was an excellent tool for those times were life makes it almost impossible for me to spent a lot of one-on-one teaching time with the kids. I used it recently while I was getting our house ready to sell. Both kids were able to continue school while I worked nearby painting, staging, etc. It was really a life-saver, not to mention that the kids really enjoyed the change in routine and the website itself. I can see families that are experiencing parental illness or maybe even those families with a new baby in the house would appreciate Time4Learning.

If you’re thinking about doing a thorough spring cleaning or maybe getting a veggie garden set up then think about Time4Learning to buy you a bit of extra time ;-).

https://www.time4learning.com – not an affiliate link just goes to their website. If you do sign up and mention that ‘piratemum’ referred you I think they will sent me some $$. Must go update my address….


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