Timez Attack – Multiplication Video Game

Timez Attack – Multiplication Video Game

Right now I have 2 children both of whom are struggling to memorize their multiplication tables. Don’t worry though, they both understand the true meaning of multiplying and can skip count in their sleep, it’s just the instant recall of what is 8 x 8 that they need.

While I’ve tried plain old cardboard flashcards there just hasn’t been a lot of ‘engagement’ – it’s hard to get excited about flashcards. Thankfully someone from our homeschool group recommended the Big Brainz ‘Timez Attack’ application. At the time, it was an application that was downloaded – currently they also offer an online web-based version. The best thing is they offer an amazing FREE version.

We’ve been using the online version with great success. It offers a real ‘video game world’ experience, unlike math apps. While it may seem appealing initially to just boys they also offer a castle/girl world that my daughter been enjoying and progressing nicely.

They also offer paid versions which provide other worlds and experiences. Disclosure: the link above is an affiliate link.

I really highly recommend this wonderful app – the kids love it and consistently ask to use it, every day. Can’t ask for more than that!


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